Berryplus Liquid Laundry Soap


Eco-effective, Cleans & Softens

Berryplus is 95% berry-based, 99.8% plant-based laundry soap that grows on trees.

Soap that grows on trees! Botanists call our trees Sapindus mukorossi; we call them first aid for your laundry and the planet!

Sapindus trees grow soapberries which, when combined with water and shaken, give off a soapy residue that has been used to clean clothes naturally in India and other parts of Asia forever. Now, soapberries’ cleaning power is available in Berryplus, and it’s going to change the way you think about laundry.

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First aid for your laundry and the planet!

Berryplus was created to be the purest and most natural, yet effective laundry soap around. It cleans your clothes as well as leading brands using only wholesome and sustainable ingredients which are safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin and fabrics. The folks at Berryplus figured out how to extract and concentrate saponin, the soapberry’s magic cleaning ingredient, to give you soap that’s free of harmful or questionable ingredients, fillers and fragrances.

Berryplus is a modern laundry innovation, because it delivers age-old cleaning with modern convenience. Berryplus works as well as anything else on the market, but is much less irritating and super safe for your clothes, your family, your washing machine and the planet.


  • 95% berry-based (berries + water)
  • 4.5% vegetable glycerin (for stability and added softening)
  • 0.3% olive-leaf extract (to kill bacteria and other junk)
  • 0.1% each of potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate (food-grade preservative to give Berryplus a shelf life)

Finally, no more trade-offs between clean clothes and a cleaner conscious and planet because Berryplus gives you both. Don’t wonder if your clothes will come clean using Berryplus (because they really will). Wonder why no one ever thought of a solution this natural in the first place. Wonder why we’ve been lugging jugs and overdosing our laundry with chemical soups for generations.

Directions: Use 2 mls per load. Use a 3rd ml for extra large dirty loads, to pre-treat or for top loaders.

Fragrance free & allergen free.

Made in USA from imported soap berries.


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