Laundry Miracle

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By The Soap Factory

All-purpose Laundry Cleaner

Laundry Miracle is an environmentally friendly laundry booster. Just add 1/3 – 1/2 of a cup of Laundry Miracle to your wash load – with half the amount of soap or detergent you would normally use – to remove any oil, grease, blood, lipstick, grass, nail polish, ink, tar, paint, and more!

100% Bio-degradable

909 ml



All purpose laundry booster! Incredibly gentle, yet more effective than the strongest detergent. Laundry Miracle has been tested and approved for removing almost all types of dirt, stains, oil and grime from any type of fabric or material. Laundry Miracle will not harm delicate colours or fabrics, not even synthetics and perma press.

Phosphate, nitrate, chlorine and enzyme free.

Made in Canada

1 review for Laundry Miracle

  1. Lynette Thomas

    My husband is a mechanic so you can imagine how dirty his clothes are at the end of the day! We use have been using Laundry Miracle to wash his work clothes for the past three years and we love Laundry Miracle. It takes the grease and dirt out of his work pants and shirts without fading them.

    And, I occasionally throw some in with the dish towels and dish clothes or bedding to keep them smelling fresh!

    We love Laundry Miracle – thanks Arctic Cotton for introducing us to it and for having it available in your store for a great ‘Southern’ price!

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