Mother-ease Wizard OneSize EasyStuff


Exceptional performance makes the Wizard EasyStuff Pocket Diaper a great choice!

Mother-ease Wizard EasyStuff features an adjustable snap rise so that it can grow with your child – the rise is adjusted separately from the waist to make a perfect fit from newborn through to potty training.

The Wizard EasyStuff One Size Pocket Diaper is a pocket diaper without a pocket opening. The booster is simply inserted between the leg openings of the Stay Dry layer and the cover.


It’s called the Wizard EasyStuff for a reason!

  • Stay Dry inner with attached terry for quick moisture movement
  • Hygienic washability and quick drying time
  • Large access for easy stuffing
  • Boosters will automatically eject themselves out of the diaper in the wash… less fuss for you!
  • Select from our assortment of absorbent liners/boosters or use what you already have


  • Superb containment through 2 sets of elastics in the Cover and in the Absorbent Core.
  • StayDry layer also features an underlying absorbent layer for a super slim fit!
  • The Cover features fully adjustable waist and rise snaps, so you can be assured that the diaper will fit nicely from birth to potty training!

Sizing: Fits 3.5 to 15.5 kg (8-35lbs)

Mother-ease diapers are made in Canada with Green Energy.


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