About Us

About Us photoArctic Cotton is a family owned and operated business in Iqaluit Nunavut.

We can be found at house 3068 in Apex, reached by phone at 223-BABY (867.223.2229), and found on Facebook at

Our mission is to support child caregiving in the North by providing baby care and child care products at ‘southern’ prices. Where we can’t do that, we provide them at as close to southern prices as possible. See our Southern Price Guarantee for the details.

Affordability of raising children in the north is a challenge and we want to be there to provide the products northern parents need as affordably as possible. For some parents that frees up money for other necessities like food. For all parents that means having access to products that often aren’t available anywhere else in the Arctic. Northern children deserve the same quality of experience as any other child. We strive to bring affordability and availability to northern parents.

We look for products with children’s needs in mind – quality products, innovative products, and products that are tried and true. We also want to support parenting to help consumers have a positive effect on their children and the world through cloth diapering, breastfeeding, healthier detergents, and quality reusable products including feminine pads, baby wipes, training pants, and Spuds dishes (made from reclaimed potatoes). Why spend money on disposable diapers that sit in our dumps and leech into the ocean? That money can be spent on other necessities for the family while the baby gets a quality product to wear instead. We want northern families to have these choices available – and now they do!