Our Southern Price Guarantee

Cloth diaper products

We guarantee that our cloth diapering products are priced as low as the identical product anywhere else in Canada at the regular retail price. If you find a lower regular price for the same product from a licensed retailer anywhere in Canada we will match it and we will change our price to continue to match it for all our customers.


All other products

Almost all of our non-cloth diaper products are also at southern prices, but with the variability of pricing we do not guarantee that we will match pricing on non-cloth diaper products. If you check around you’ll see that our pricing is competitive.

There are some products, due to their size or weight, which cannot be sold at southern prices. These products are sold as close as possible to southern prices.

Of about 200 products only 12 are not at southern prices; 94% of our products are at southern prices!

Tax savings, too!

Due to our small size we do not have to charge GST at this time. This saves you an additional 5% on everything you buy at Arctic Cotton compared to the competition, and saves you 13% compared to shopping in Ottawa in person!