List of Non-Southern Priced Products

There are some products, due to their size or weight, which cannot be sold at southern prices. These products are sold as close as possible to southern prices.

 As of April 2018, here are the only products not at southern prices (percentage above southern pricing in brackets – these are estimates as southern prices vary):

  • Cosco Simplefold High Chair (7%)
  • Bright Starts Swing2Seat (13%)
  • Bright Starts Safari BounceARound (14%)
  • Bright Starts Having A Ball Activity Table (40%)
  • Baby Einstein Musical Activity Table (40%)
  • Babysitter Feeding Cushion (50%)
  • Babysitter Deluxe Feeding Cushion (25%)
  • Jolly Jumper Crib Wedge (5%)
  • Laundry Miracle (25%)
  • Kind Laundry Detergent (25%)
  • Kind Stain Remover (36%)
  • Rockin Green Liquid Detergent (8%)

 Of about 200 products we sell these 12 are the only ones not at southern prices. 94% of our products are at southern prices!