Fab Wipes


The get-the-job-done reusable wipe

  • Buttery soft yet durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Machine washable


Thirsties Fab Wipes might possibly be the very best investment you can make. The average household will spend about $500 in wipes from birth to potty. In comparison, you will need to spend only about $50 to purchase lots of Thirsties Fab Wipes. Switching to reusable baby wipes is a simple solution to put nearly $450 back in your pocket. Thirsties Fab Wipes are perfect for delicate baby skin – and everyone else’s!

Thirsties irresistibly soft Fab Wipes measure 8″ x 8″ inches and are 2 ply. A textured cotton velour on one side to assist with bigger wipe-ups and delicate microfleece on the other side for drying or for lighter messes.

Comes in packs of 6.

Each pack contains 2 white, 2 orange, and 2 seafoam


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