Mother-ease All in One Diaper


Convenience At It’s Best

Just as handy as any disposable and much more leakproof! The Mother-ease All In One cloth diaper is highly breathable with the same side venting and adjustable snap enclosures as the Mother-ease Air Flow Snap Cover.

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Elastic all around gives the baby a comfortable, “no restriction” stretchy fit. The inner fabric is made of our knit cotton terry. The outer waterproof fabric is the same as we use in our covers, 100% polyester bonded to a durable urethane.

A few kept handy in the diaper bag is a good idea. This is an especially wonderful cloth diaper for those days when very quick diaper changes are essential. The Sandy’s™ Liner also works well with these diapers when extra absorbency is required.

Sizing & Absorbency:

  • Small 4-9kg (10-20 lbs), 300ml (11oz)
  • Large 9-16kg (20-35 lbs), 340ml (12oz)
  • XLarge 16-20kg (35-45 lbs), 375ml (13oz)

Proudly made in Canada with Green Energy.


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