Mother-ease Rikki Slim Wrap


A very slim fitting diaper cover

Available with hook and loop closures and have soft plush backing as well as “no leak” fold back laundry tabs.

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Although the Rikki Slim Wrap works well with any cloth diaper, it has been specially designed to create a slim fit over the Mother-ease cloth diapers such as the EconoME, Sandy’s and One Size cloth diapers.

The Rikki Slim Wrap is available in a variety of Eco Theme prints and lovely colours.


  • Small (4-6kg / 8-15lbs)
  • Medium (6-9kg / 14-20lbs)
  • Medium-Large (9-12kg / 20-27lbs)
  • Large (12-16kg / 27-35 lbs)
  • X-Large (16-20kg / 35-45lbs)

Proudly made in Canada with Green Energy.


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