Mother-ease Wet Bag


An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags

Designed with a mesh pull top to allow air movement which prevents the build-up of smelly bacteria! Holds approximately 6 soiled diapers and is designed for short outings.


Featuring a drawstring mesh closure for air circulation to help prevent lingering odours from setting into the bags’ fabrics and into the diapers.  The drawstring glides easily through the mesh top and is simple to manipulate with one hand.

Our  water resistant wet bags are made to last.  A durable heat resistant polyurethane water proof film coats the inside of the bag.  It can be washed at high temperatures for better hygiene and  odour prevention.  The outside of the bag is made of 100% cotton with fun prints.

This bag is easily pulled apart to ensure hygienic washing and effective rinsing.  Simply launder with your diapers.

It is handy for bottles or foods that may spill and perfect for personal articles when traveling.

Size: 28 cm x 33 cm

Proudly made in Canada with Green Energy.


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