Classic Rock Detergent


By Rockin’ Green

Eco-friendly detergent specially formulated for cloth diapers.

Rockin’ Green is one of the most clean-rinsing detergents on the market, leaving behind little to no soap residue on your diapers nor chemical residue on your baby’s skin. Rockin’ Green detergents have natural scents and contain no enzymes, phosphates or optical brighteners.



Rockin’ Green detergents are made of safe, phosphate-free ingredients, which are kind to our planet and to your baby. Ingredients: sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, natural chelating agents, sodium sulfate, biodegradable surfactants, natural fragrance oils (unless unscented).

Rockin’ Green makes concentrated detergents. Use 2 tbsp for a top-loader, or 1 tbsp for a front-loader or HE machine. Rockin’ Green detergents are available in two sizes: 45/90 loads (45 loads for a top-loader, or 90 for a front-loader), and a sample size: 2/4 loads (2 loads for a top-loader, or 4 for a front-loader).

Made in: United States


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