Swim Diaper by MiniHip


The MiniHip Reusable Swim Diaper adjusts to fit from babies to toddlers. Buying just one will equal huge savings by replacing expensive and wasteful disposable swim diapers. They look and feel better, too!




Includes a pocket to add an absorbent insert when the child is out of the water.


Inner lining is a soft athletic wicking jersey.


Suggested weight range: 8-38 lb


Composition:      Exterior: TPU        Interior: 100% polyester


MiniHip packs and ships their products with minimal waste.


Designed in Canada, Made in China


Arctic Cotton is a small company and our website does not have automatic inventory control. If we do not have your preferred pattern you will be contacted regarding available options.

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Babayka (monsters), Lumberjack (red and black), Butterfly


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