Mother-ease Rikki Wrap


A lightweight, breathable, waterproof wrap

Aplix® hook and loop fasteners and gussetted leg openings ensure a snug fit.
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The Aplix® hook and loop fasteners are of the highest quality and covered on the inside by a small skirt to prevent the leakage so common to other wraps. The fabric is the same as the Mother-ease Air Flow Snap Cover. It is so easy to use. Gussetted leg openings ensure a snug fit. Our elastic edges are covered with a superior nylon binding which helps prevent moisture from wicking onto baby’s clothes.

Although the Rikki Wrap works well with any cloth diaper, it has been specially designed to fit snuggly over the Mother-ease cloth diapers such as the Sandy’s and One Size cloth diapers. It can also be used effectively with prefolds and contoured pinless cloth diapers.

The Rikki Wrap is available in a variety of Eco Theme prints and lovely colours.


  • Small (3-5kg / 6-12lbs)
  • Medium (5-9kg / 10-20lbs)
  • Large (9-16kg / 20-35lbs)
  • X-Large (16-20kg / 35-45lbs)

Proudly made in Canada with Green Energy.


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