Mother-ease Diaper Sprayer


Simple installation, no plumber required.

Simplify cloth diapering by using the Mother-ease Diaper Sprayer.


This Diaper Sprayer makes rinsing your cloth diapers easy. Using a diaper sprayer will have reduced staining and smell. Simply spray into the toilet and flush the mess away.

Easily installs in minutes and start spray rinsing your diapers right away!

The Mother-ease Diaper Sprayer is a top quality product tested by Mother-ease for over 2 years without leakage.

How to use the Mother-ease Diaper Sprayer:

1) Hold onto an unsoiled corner of the diaper while dropping the rest into the toilet.
2) Spray the diaper until the desired amount of baby poop has been removed.
3) Wring out the diaper or simply place the wet diaper directly into your diaper pail or wet bag.

Includes: Chrome sprayer, hose, 1/4 turn valve & mounting clip

Proudly made in Canada with Green Energy.


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